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Ooty has always been the top destination in India on traveler’s bucket lists to roam around and explore the scenic beauty, all thanks to its pleasant weather, lush greenery, and verdant landscapes. It is considered as a must-visit hill station for nature buffs as it boasts stunning waterfalls, beautiful lakes, botanical gardens, terraced plantations, and jaw-dropping viewpoints, but there’s even more to look up to – yes, it’s a great place for street food lovers as well.

While you’re on a sightseeing tour, make sure to hog on some of the local’s favorites street food items that this hill station has to offer. From biryani, kebabs, sandwiches, momos, Dahi Puri, chocolates, and other traditional dishes, Ooty has something of everyone’s interest.

For many tourists and locals alike, the main draw to Ooty is its street food. Cheap, delicious, and plentiful, Ooty's street food can be found all over the town. There's no shortage of different tastes and aromas that you can experience on your trip to Ooty. While each vendor has its own unique menu, you can always find a variety of dishes at affordable prices to sample. A few of the must-try street food items in Ooty are as follows:

1. Kebab

As a pure vegetarian, it can be a little difficult for you to have the best of Ooty in terms of street food. But, if you’re a meat-eater, you can have it pretty easy. Ooty's street food scene is the stuff of legends. One dish that stands out from all the rest is kebab. Like butter chicken, lots of people associate kebabs with buffets and fancy restaurants.

But in Ooty, kebab has become the king of street food. And lucky for tourists who can't afford to pay for a full meal at a restaurant, kebab is cheap and plentiful—just what you need when you're looking to eat well without spending too much money.

2. Sandwiches

Another signature dish that has gained the attention of the locals, as well as the tourists in Ooty, is the sandwich. Not only is it a light and healthy snack but is also available at even better prices. That simply means that you don’t have to go overboard with your budget whenever you need to satiate your hunger for a few bucks in the morning or evening.

The sandwiches come on white bread, which is unusual but provides a great contrast to the red chutney and green chilies that are smeared on them. The chutney is fresh and hot, thus making your mouth tingle in a pleasant way when you bite into it.

3. Biryani

If you’re looking for something spicy that can help you fill your appetite for a long time, then you should give a shot to the biryani. It is one of the must-try South Indian meals that not only looks tempting but also leaves you spellbound with its wholesome flavors.

Depending on your taste, you can choose from Chicken Biryani, Mutton Biryani, Prawn Biryani, and the lip-smacking Veg Biryani. All types of biryanis are prepared with so much love, affection, and patience. One can also enjoy the chicken tikka biryani here to make the most of their visit to Ooty.

4. Chinese Food

Try some delicious chicken, beef, seafood, noodles, or any other mouthwatering Chinese food on the popular streets of Ooty. Several roadside vendors are there that are specialized in serving authentic Chinese delicacies to all its tourists at pocket-friendly prices.

For the real essence of taste, you can head to the Shinkow’s Restaurant at the famous Commissioner’s Street to treat your taste buds with the best pork in this hill station. Other must-try dishes include the Bee Hoon Noodles and American Chopsuey.

5. Dahi Puri

No matter what time of day it is, you can find street food vendors open for business and ready to serve all kinds of tasty treats, from spicy Indian dishes to sweets to savory snacks. One delicious example of street food in Ooty is Dahi puri. For those who want to cool down their palates after eating spicy Pani-Puri (a.k.a. water balls) or any other Indian dishes, there is an option of Dahi puri that is a hit among the North Indian travelers from far and wide.

The Dahi Puri or Dahi batata puri is served by all the street vendors who also serve Pani Puris in this romantic hill station and it is enjoyed by people of all age groups, whether you are a toddler, an adult, or a senior citizen.

6. Momos

Your Ooty tour won’t be complete if you didn’t get a chance to eat the steamed or fried momos while exploring the famous sightseeing places of Ooty. A specialty of North East India, the momos have taken the world to another level and are gaining the attention of almost all kinds of travelers, no matter where you’re coming from.

Although there are several places to have the hot momos in Ooty, the best one is the Momo House which does a lot of variation to the recipes of their momos. Out of all the types of momos, you can order the cheese momos, corn momos, and chicken momos and we bet you would want to eat them time and time again.

What Makes Ooty the Best Bet for Street Food?

Eating is a big part of travel, but it doesn't have to be fancy or expensive. And now, with the popularity of Ooty tourism, this place is your culinary oyster.

  • All in all, Ooty is a great place for delicious food at affordable prices.
  • It does not matter if you are a local or a tourist, you will find something tasty to eat.
  • From premium pricing to budget-friendly menus and spreads, food of every variety is available in Ooty.

There are plenty of dishes to try in Ooty, given that there are a lot of shacks and roadside eateries in the hill station. If you're someone who has trouble adjusting to new food in a strange place, it may be better to eat at the familiar places that offer recognizable cuisines. If you don't mind taking a chance or two, go for it! You never know when you'll find something new and amazing.

Things to Keep in Mind When Trying Street Food in Ooty

  • Do not eat any street food that is not well-cooked. You don't want to be strolling down the Ooty streets with an upset stomach, which could ruin your overall trip.
  • Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before eating street food in Ooty, as this will prevent you from getting sick. Also, make sure to use hand sanitizers if you don’t have quick access to a sink.
  • Finally, avoid ordering from stands that are too busy or crowded; this is less likely to ensure that your food has been prepared properly or safely.

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