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Ooty is a famous holiday destination visited by travelers from across the globe. It is fondly known as the ‘Queen of Hill Stations’. Famed for its natural beauty, the hill town has many exciting tourist spots. The pleasant weather throughout the year makes it the perfect destination for vacations.

Among the many fun activities to enjoy in Ooty, adventure seekers can experience trekking and camping in the lap of nature. The hill station has several trekking trails along the mountain ranges covered in lush greenery. Camping in Ooty is another adventure activity to experience nature in its unaffected form. Here is the list of best trekking and camping places in Ooty:

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Sengottaraayar Malai

The Sengottaraayar Malai trek offers you picturesque views of the tea estates and forest covers on the hill ranges of Ooty. As you walk through the Shola forest you come across beautiful villages dotting and tribal settlements on your path. The region is home to the Irula, Toda, and Badaga communities. The rivulets running through them add thrill to the journey.

The trek starts at Mooperkaad, a quaint hamlet of the Irula community. You can also spot indigenous flora and fauna including Gaur (Indian Bison), Barking deer, and Sloth bears. This trek can be comfortably enjoyed by children, families, gangs of friends, and corporate groups. Nature lovers and photographers must try this trek in Ooty for an enriching experience.

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Doddabetta Peak

Dodabetta Peak is the highest point of the Nilgiris in Ooty. The region is home to fragrant estates of tea, coffee, spices, and herbs that fill the air with a rich aroma. The scenic beauty of the hill station can be explored from Doddabetta Peak, making it the most popular trekking spot in Ooty. You can trek through the evergreen Shola forests and explore rare plant species, as you make your way up to Doddabetta Peak.

The trek is relatively easy and your efforts are rewarded with spectacular views of the surroundings. The views of lush forests, fields of rhododendrons, and fragrant herbs will fill up your senses with their rich aroma. You can enjoy breathtakingly beautiful views of the Chamundi Peak and Bandipur National Park from the Telescope House or the Observatory once you reach the summit.

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Mukurthi Peak

The trek to Mukurthi Peak in Ooty is one that will leave your heart full. You will be surrounded by lush forests of the Mukurthi National Park, which is home to the royal Bengal tiger and Nilgiri Tahr. The park stretches across an expanse of green pastures fringed by the Mudumalai National Park and Silent Valley National Park.

Popular for its rolling grasslands and sparkling streams, the Mukurthi National Park is home to vibrant butterflies and fascinating wildlife. The Toda tribe has inhabited this region for centuries and the area is now guarded by the local administration. You must take permission before trekking to Mukurthi Peak and take along a professional guide to assist you during the trek.

Radcliffe Fishing Hut is the starting point of this enthralling trek, which ends with astounding views of the nearby hilltops like Kolaribetta, Avalanche hill (Kudikkadu), Pichalbetta, and Derbetta.

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Parsons Dam

A trek to the Parsons Dam is a must-try activity in Ooty. The trek starts at the verdant Parsons Valley offering splendid views of the greenery. You need to acquire permission to trek to the Parsons Dam. You will come across flowing streams, waterfalls, and forests of pine trees. The dense forests are home to bison and other native animals. The trek is filled with adventure and in the end, all your efforts are rewarded with a magnificent view of the dam and its lush surroundings.

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Kotagiri-Elk Falls

Elk falls is located 7 kilometres from Kotagiri. Located in the Echoing Valley of Kookal the beautiful waterfall offers a pristine view for nature lovers. The region is home to the Kota tribes and a trip to the area offers an insight into their rustic lifestyle. You can trek towards the Elk waterfall while also enjoying views of the Moyar River and Catherine Falls on your journey.

The trek starts at Kotagiri and you explore the natural abundance of the region as you head to Kodanad View Point. The next stop is at the majestic Parsons Valley. The next phase of the trek is more thrilling and adventurous. Crossing Porthimund village you reach Mukurthi National Park while witnessing the picturesque Pandiyar Hills, Pykara Falls and Mudumalai National Park before reaching Elk falls.

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Aravenu is a small yet pretty village in Kotagiri. Nestled amidst the Nilgiris, this quaint hamlet is famous for its natural beauty. It attracts adventure seekers and nature lovers with its nature-themed activities. You can have a great time outdoors with friends or family members camping in the lap of mother nature.

Aravenu is among the best places for camping in Ooty as it takes you away from the bustle of city life. You can enjoy a bonfire and barbeque in the picturesque setting of Aravenu to make the most of your trip to Ooty.

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The Campsite

There is no better place for camping in Ooty than the amazing Campsite. It allows you to enjoy the pristine scenery of the lush surroundings while staying in comfortable all-weather tents. There are many different types of accommodation available for campers, but the activities at this site are limited to camping. You can book a package depending on your needs and budget. You can visit the site with friends or family. The site offers a perfect setting to spend some quality time outdoors and gaze at stars at night.

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Camping by Tea Gardens

Ooty offers the most mesmerising experience of your life where you can wake up to the delightful smell of tea after resting comfortably in a tent. Amalgamating the experiences, Camping By Tea Gardens offers a campsite for both tea and nature lovers. You can enjoy a great time during weekends with friends or family members at the camp. Watch the elegant sunset over the Nilgiris with your loved ones and make the most of your time while enjoying a bonfire with fellow campers.

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Avalanche Camp

Enjoy an unforgettable camping experience at the Avalanche Camp in Ooty. This place is much more than just a campsite with a host of exciting activities to indulge all types of visitors. You can take part in exciting activities like forest trekking and waterfall visits while staying in tents surrounded by nature. The site offers plenty of amenities and allows you to cook your own food or even order delicious meals arranged at the campsite. Bonfires and board games are also arranged at the site to keep campers engaged throughout their stay.

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