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Ooty is one of those few places in South India that can boast of an almost uniform climate throughout the year. Located at an altitude of 2240m, the place remains on the cooler side throughout the year making it an ideal place for round the year visiting. Summers are warm during day with a maximum temperature of 25º C and the summer nights can be pretty cool with a minimum temperature of 10º C. With moderate warmth during summer, the place will not wear you down with extreme heat during summer. During the winter season, the days are chilly and as the winter progresses, the mercury drops still further and it can get pretty chilly with the temperature dropping as low as 4º C.

Ooty receives an above average rainfall during the monsoon. Tucked deep inside the Ghats, the place is not immune to the tropical rains that lash South India during the monsoon. Rains can get pretty relentless at times and can dampen the spirits of those who have come to enjoy a well earned vacation. The roads get pretty slippery during this time and the mountain curves get pretty dangerous. The heavy fog that sets in during the later part of the monsoon and throughout the winter can play spoil sport to your trekking plans and other adventure activities. Most of these places will either remain closed or will be opened considering according to convenience.

Those planning to travel by trains might have to be patient as there is a high possibility of trains getting delayed (or even cancelled) due to bad weather. But if you are going on a honeymoon or travelling with a special person then the misty mornings calls for that romantic walk which you have always longed to have with your partner. The chilly mountain air comes as a balm to ease your mind troubled by the daily routine city life. In spite of all these backdrops nothing can prepare you for the visual grandeur that sets in the mountain slopes during the monsoon. It is as if the mountains have awakened after a tiring summer. The flora that spring out on the slopes are sure to keep you spell bound. A whole range of flowers and plants can be seen in the Nilgiri slopes due to which the place develops a special charm of its own. Ooty has a lot to offer to people all around the year. It is basically up to you to decide what it is that you want from it.

Depending on your preference, you can decide to travel during summer, monsoon or winter. Basically if you are just in love with nature, you will enjoy Ooty no matter when you go. But personally, it would be better not to visit during the monsoons because of the unpredictability involved. There have been incidents in the past when roads were blocked due to trees that fell down in the mountain roads due to heavy rain.

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