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Ooty Festivals: Ooty being a multi linguistic, multi cultural, multi ethnic society, like any other part of India, has a myriad of festivals spanning the entire year. But most of the festivals are held during the summer. The presence of local tribes like the Todas and the Kuravas, add on to the number of festivals celebrated in Ooty. The festivals of their local deity have become a regional affair overtime. In the list of religious festivals celebrated, Thaipoosam festival and the Mariamman Temple festival are the foremost and the most famous.

People from different parts of South India come to Ooty during these festivals and since they are held during the summer, it is an added attraction for the tourists as well. The temples are colorfully decorated and special poojas and community lunches are also organized. It is a visual treat for any person who is new to this way of life.

In addition to the religious festivals there are a lot of fairs and festivals organized by the department of tourism. The main event organized by the Department of Tourism, Government of Tamil Nadu and the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India is the Summer Festival. This is held in the premises of the Botanical Gardens in Ooty. The festival mainly comprises of a flower show and dog show among many other attractions like a lot of stalls selling locally made handicrafts and shawls etc.

Many events like boat races, trekking competitions, painting completion for the kids and so on are also held as part of the summer festival. In addition to these you have performances by local dance groups and folk dances as well which is a visual treat and also give you an insight into the local culture of Ooty. During the Summer festival the whole town of Ooty is one big festival ground. There are tourists who visit Ooty specifically during the summer festival to maximize the thrill they get out of the Ooty experience.

But if you are planning on such a visit be sure to book your Ooty accommodations in Ooty resorts and Ooty hotels in advance. Although the place is abundant and can cater the need to any section of the society as far as accommodation is concerned, the festival season can get really crowded with tourists. Why take the risk? A place leaves a complete impression on you when everything goes perfect. If you go to a place which is absolutely stunning but the people less friendly or indifferent you don’t get that inner satisfaction.

On the other hand when hard core party animals visit a very calm and quiet place then they feel that something is missing. But Ooty has a way to cater to the needs of all kinds of people. It is a place where you find a rare blend of peace, calm and serenity of nature, with the most helpful and friendly minded people you will come across and if you are visiting Ooty during the festive season, then you can have a big party yourself as well.

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